Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CaseCrown Omni Cover Case for iPad 2 Review

Many have pointed out that the Apple Smart Cover is an awesome case/cover but doesn't protect the back of your iPad 2. The CaseCrown Omni Case appears to try and solve this problem with a Smart Cover like design as well as full rear protection.

The exterior body is all black and doesn't yet come in any other colors which is a shame considering the amount the Smart Cover comes in. But never the less the black is quite nice looking and sets it off well. The back of the case is made of polycarbonate and feels very rubbery, I suppose it's a soft touch material and lends itself well on tables and in your hands. The front is more smooth and looks and acts like the Smart Cover. All in all the Omni Case keeps that thinness of your iPad 2 and covers everything at the same time.

Applying the CaseCrown Omni Case is pretty easy you simply clip your iPad into the polycarbonate back. It's held very securely within and your iPad wont get damaged due to the easiness of removing any dirt and obstacles. You have full use of the bezel and that is always a good thing on any iPad case because having a free bezel makes the iPad so much more enjoyable and easier to use.

The Smart Cover inspiration comes into full effect with standing positions. You fold the front grooved four sections into a triangle and stand your iPad in either a typing position or in an upright position for watching movies etc. The magnets are no where near as strong compared to what's in the Smart Cover but it works well keeping your iPad solidly in positions. The sleep and wake feature for when you open and close your Omni Cases front also works well and stays in place, and if you move around with your iPad 2 in the case it won't randomly sleep and wake which many cases presenting this extra do.

Functionality comes in a quite sharp love hate relationship. The volume rockers, mute switch, sleep and wake button, rear camera and speaker cut outs are all done well and work well too. But the 30 pin dock connector along with the audio jack are a little annoying to say the least. The 30 pin dock connector cutout will basically only allow for the 30 pin Apple charge and sync cable to be inserted, any accessories won't fit meaning you have to remove the case to use them. The exact same has to be said for the audio jack, Apple ear buds will work but many other headphones won't fit into the cutout.


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